Is Your Data a Diamond in the Rough?

Diane Clark-Finkel Artificial Intelligence, Improving the Bottom Line, People in Manufacturing, Real-time Communication, Shop Floor Control

REVEAL Plant Floor Intelligence is a disruptive technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution that is waiting to be uncovered by manufacturing industry.  


Big data creates incredible business opportunity 

Industrial equipment companies generate vast amounts of data “in the rough” that can become an invaluable diamond, a powerful tool to make better business decisions, facilitate innovation and align more closely with customers. But without the ability to access this data in context and in real-time, it just remains buried in the mine.  Discovering how an innovative proactive control approach can reveal your big data in ways that deliver real-time usable information to significantly reduce defective products, reducing scrap thus saving manufacturing millions of dollars each year.  Now that’s a compelling business value!   


Big data storage must be mined, but how?

So often much of the data is unstructured and stored in disconnected databases making its accessibility and interpretation difficult. Extracting hidden value from the data is about more than just storing it all in one place. It’s about the ability to accurately and intuitively analyze the data to generate actionable insights that support business objectives in a timely manner. This is where tools such as REVEAL Plant Floor Intelligence manufacturing software comes in. It removes the need to analyze the data manually one data point at a time, the tool does 1,000’s of analysis simultaneously for you, returns them every 60-seconds in real-time so that as impeding issues start to arise, alerts are automatically sent out thus producing reduced loss by implementing Proactive Control. 


Big data is best utilized in real-time

Historically manufacturing processes are reactive, no action taken until after a loss occurs, after money has been flushed down the drain, but by then it’s too late.  Doesn’t it make more sense to catch it early at the source when a trend starts to emerge and make corrections before loss occurs?  With tools like REVEAL why repeat the same old reactive process that has plagued and been the norm in manufacturing processes for years and years all the while expecting different results?  Seems I remember this as paraphrasing the definition of insanity…   


Big data analytics, strategy and management

One of the biggest challenges of exponential data is the ability to visualize it in a quick and user-friendly manner in order to make informed decisions. REVEAL Visual Measurement tool does just that.  They are large monitors on the plant floor that sit dormant when operations/stations are running within specs.  As soon as anything activity/characteristic starts trending out of spec the monitor fires up for all to see and take action on.  Once back in control, the monitor automatically closes.    


It’s hard to believe that many Industrial Equipment companies spend over 30% of their time on finding data, having meetings, updating information, following up, and so on.  All of which impact productivity, ingenuity and profitability.  By utilizing tools such as REVEAL PFI that uses artificial intelligence to analyzing data in real time, companies can reveal and solve issues faster plus  REVEAL has the ability to connect with suppliers to maximize quality and visibility throughout the production process driving transparency and sending more money to the bottom line.     


Let Trumble Inc, the company behind the powerful PFI Plant Floor Intelligence manufacturing tool REVEAL   solution help you extract the most out of your data to help you polish that diamond in the rough today!